Attest Services

The staff at Brown Nelms has over 66 years of combined experience in audit, review and assurance services. Our vast experience and unique knowledge allows us to best complete the audit and review services your company or individual plan requires. With tax laws and procedures often changing daily, we are continually educating ourselves and updating our programs so that Brown Nelms can keep you better informed about how an audit or review will affect your business, both in short and long term.


Whether it is loan covenants with which you need to comply, bonding companies requesting an audit or if yours is a not-for-profit company which requires an audit due to specific bylaws, Brown Nelms is available to discuss your specific needs. With experience in a multitude of diverse industries, the benefits available to your unique operation will be invaluable. Brown Nelms performs audits for a variety of companies, including those in the fields of construction, not-for-profit, franchises, S-Corp, C-Corp, LLC, insurance, banking and employee benefit plans.

If you or your firm has an audit requirement and are unsure¬†of what to expect, you can be certain Brown Nelms is aware fully of your situation and will take every step required to ensure that our custom-tailored audit process meets the needs of your company without being a burden on your employees. Once the audit is completed, Brown Nelms will inform you of processes that may improve your company’s operations and controls in compliance via our required communications.


A review is distinctly different from an audit. Many companies need to apply for various licenses in states besides Georgia, perform work for the Department of Transportation, or comply with bonding requirements for construction contracts. If this sounds familiar, it is¬†likely that your business has a review requirement. A review is also beneficial to business owners without these requirements. The review services Brown Nelms provides are not as detailed as an audit, however, a review will assist business owners in an assortment of ways. This unique service entails analytically testing your financial results and discussing the business’s financial process with your staff. Brown Nelms will issue professional financial statements and a management notice to inform you of any processes that we believe will be beneficial. If a review is required for your business, or if you believe this service may be a benefit to you, please contact Brown Nelms at your earliest convenience to discuss the process.